Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This Blog do not ask for any kind of visitors personal data , and we never save or store any kind of viewers personal data , Here on this Blog we basically Troubleshoot and provide solution to various issues and problem faced by youtubers bloggers and android application developers , Only the Problems,Queries & feedback is provided by the viewers are displayed publicly on our help and support section with intention that any other or new viewer facing similar issue can get a quick solution to that particular problem without consulting us .

However this blog used Google adsense ads to meet our our basic expenses of electricity bill & employees salary , So Google may be interested on collecting such kind of data such as your personal interest regarding purchasing any product or services , This is done in order to show you advertisement related to your personal interest .Hence this blog is completely safe and free for any person who is willing to get any kind of information regarding technology.

Azproquotes website uses various third party plugins & WordPress themes which may collect your interest with this website such as viewer duration of stay over a particular page or post , related post and pages , we also integrate google analytics code as well as google webmaster central tool , so this analytics may track your location of browsing , your operating system , browser , search queries on google etc .

In upcoming future depending upon the growth of our community , we may create a forum for the better interaction of our audiences where you need to register of login to the forum section and chat or interact with the co visitors. Here in such situation we just ask for your email address and nick name in order to support you regarding your any kind of password forgot issue or other login issues.

Since this Blog is Visited by Global audiences from various countries and regions with different cause and mentality we would like to warn you that please don’t disclose any kind of your personal data while browsing our blog or website.  If you do so it could be a matter of  problem for you if any third person could misuse your given data , in such situation our team will not be held responsible for such problems.