17 Short Love quotes for her and him cute and impressive

Love quotes are important when someone wants to impress his/her partner. So we have written some of the best short love quotes for you.

Love is that magical thing which helps us to complete our life. If you love your girlfriend or wife then don’t wait for any occasion to express your love towards them. Say them a beautiful one-liner full of lovely emotions every time you meet them.

This will make them think that you still have the same emotion for them as you have shown them in starting. There are some Love quotes for her cute and impressive.


17 Cute and impressive short love quotes

1. When I saw you first time, my brain and my heart says ” we need her also, to help you in living “.

You can Use these impressive lines as your Whatsapp and facebook status.

2. You know what, I can’t even think of spending a single day without you.

Love your partner like you can’t live even a single second without her. Show this emotion in your eyes to her or him to strengthen the bond of your relationship.

3. You are that that sweetest song in this universe which my ears always wanted to hear.


4 From the day I met you, I can’t stop thinking about you.

Tell this line to him/her to make them feel what you feel for them. It can be a good move to go one step ahead in the relationship.

5. A hundred hearts would be few to carry my love for you.

This line is my favorite and I have used it in my life too. This line can be a perfect one to show your unmeasurable love.

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Love quotes for wife

6. They said follow your fortune , so I started following you.

7. If you are with me, I will enjoy even the worst time as my golden years with you.

8. Every time you meet me, you actually revive me.

Cute and impressive short love quotes
Cute Short love quotes for her

9. I have enjoyed all seasons at once when I put my head in your lap.

10. When I walk with you, I felt like I am the most luckiest in this universe.

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11. I can write whole book of poems on our single memory.

12. By touching your hands , I can feel how this universe works.

13. I think you are my end and my beginning. Even when I lose I am winning.

14. You are in my mind and heart now and always.

15. We will be millionaires together or will get poor together.

16. Even though I am not rich but I felt the same when I am with you.

17. Everyone thinks I am lost because of you, Bur I know I have found what is crucial for me.


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Last words

Everything we do in our life, we should do it with the utmost energy we have and try to take that thing to a whole new level.

Means if you fell in love, then take it seriously and devote yourself to that bond. This will prepare you to find and enjoy new and unique possibilities which no one has ever discovered. And this should be the ultimate goal.

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