Chanakya Quotes ( Short and Long ) with explanation

Before learning Chanakya Quotes we should study about him. He was one of the best politicians ever born in India. He was also a knowledgeable leader and teacher who inspires millions of people.

Chanakya taught his lessons at Takshshila University and wrote many books on politics.

Takshshila university was that university where Indian and Foreign students both studied together. It was believed that even the gatekeeper in this university talks in classy languages at that time.

Best Short and Long Chanakya Quotes for inspiration

Today we will learn some of the great quotes said by Chanakya on different life situations that will help you to grow in life. Personally, I believed that these quotes will remove confusion from your life and help you in taking important decisions.

Short Chanakya Quotes on point


“A person should not be too honest.

Straight trees are cut first and honest people are screwed first.”

Best Chanakya Quotes for honest people
Best Chanakya Quotes for honest people



“A man achieves greatness not because of birth or family status

but by his actions and decisions.”



“One who is intelligent will never overthink

about the past and the future.

Instead, he remains in present and tries to make the best out of it.”



“Little knowledge will never help you in big trouble.”



“If you are good at something

then never waste a single second on anything else.”



Chanakya Quotes on love and attachment
Chanakya Quotes on love and attachment

“Love and attachment are different from each other.

Attachment is the one that kills love.”



“This universe, earth, sun, trees, winds, and all are based on truth.

If truth is removed from the ecosystem then everything will be shattered.”



Chanakya niti on bad son
Chanakya niti on bad son

“A dry tree is responsible for burning the whole forest.

Likewise, a bad son can ruin the whole empire and family.”



If you want to get your work done by anyone then you have to be nice to him or her.

You have to talk in the same manner which they like the most.

This thought is inspired by a hunter who sang beautifully before hunting deer.



The one who wastes time talking negative things

about other people always destroys his life.

Chanakya always focuses on being silent

rather than speaking about things that do not make any sense.


Great Quotes with explanation


Satisfaction is the highest level of happiness any human can get.

Chanakya described this thought in many of the chapters written by him. He used to teach that always focus more on satisfaction rather than being greedy about stuff.



Make the enemy your friend until you do not know the secrets about him. After collecting all the necessary information you can do whatever you want on the basis of effect and cause.


Hunger is the biggest enemy for humans.



The biggest fear among all the fear is the fear of getting famous for bad things.



A person should not be too honest without using brains.

Because this world is always waiting for people

who are simple and ready to bear everything in the name of honesty.



A man with knowledge and learning gets appreciation everywhere.

People always respect learning and knowledge.



Education, knowledge, learning, and skill are the best friends of any person.

These things always help a person in getting

respect and appreciation everywhere in the world.



Best Inspirational Chanakya neeti
Best Inspirational Chanakya Neeti

Books are as useless to a stupid person

as a mirror is useless to a blind person.



There is no present and future for a lazy person.

According to Chanakya, A lazy person is responsible for his bad present and future condition. Because of his laziness, e is just not only degrading his life but also not helping in the growth of the try. That is why it is written that neither his present is good nor his future will be.


Long and detailed Chanakya Quotes


“It is better to have only one son endowed with good qualities than a hundred devoid of them. For the moon though one, dispels the darkness, which the stars, though numerous, do not.”

According to Chanakya, one good son who has all good qualities for the betterment of society, family, and the nation is enough rather than having hundreds of sons who are hollow from inside and has nothing to give to society.

He has compared this situation with the moon and stars. A Moon provides light in the darkness alone. While stars are huge in numbers but they are useless to humankind.

We can also say that more quality is always better than more quantity.



The one who remains confused all the time can never win.



There is some self-interest behind every friendship.

There is no friendship without self-interests.

This is a bitter truth.

Every person who makes a friend does it for a reason. The reason could be anything like getting work done, profit in business, showing off to other friends, or he might be useful in problems. There is no one wh0 makes a friend for no reason. And this is the bitter truth of this society.

However, I believe that this thought works with mature people and not apply to children.



People complain to God that someone has stolen their lifetime earnings. But they never see the fact that they still have many things with them such as education, skills, and qualification.



Chanakya always taught his students to gather maximum information and skill. He always focused on learning new things daily instead of running behind more money than required.



No one can steal your education, skills, and qualification.



“Test a servant while in the discharge of his duty, a relative in difficulty,

a friend in adversity and a wife in misfortune.

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