27 Good Friday Quotes and Wishes

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Good Friday is a religious day celebrated by Christians. This day is mostly observed as a public holiday. The date is 2nd April, Friday.

For Christians, this day is considered to, be extremely holy.

On this day Jesus who’s the son of God was crucified. He sacrificed his life for the people’s sins. So, to commemorate his sacrifice, this day is celebrated as Good Friday.

People go to church and pray to Jesus on this day.

Good Friday is also called “Great Friday”, “Holy Friday”, “Holy and Great Friday”, etc.

What Is Good Friday?

Good Friday is a holy day related to the Christian community. This day is a Christian holiday. It commemorates the death of Jesus Christ at cavalry. Good Friday is a day before Easter.

During Christianity’s early days, Good Friday was the opposite of what it seems to be. This day used to be observed as a day of misery, penance, suffering, mourning, and fasting. “Kar Freitag” is a German word that means “Sorrowful Friday”.

Why it is called Good Friday?

Let’s find out about it.

The reason behind why it could be good is that Christians believe that it is the anniversary of Jesus dying for our sins. So it is considered to be good.

Well, these are just theories and not something rigid with proof.

It is also believed that the derivation of good from good Friday is from “God’s Friday”. Earlier it was called God’s Friday and later it came to be called Good Friday. ‘Good’ here means ‘holy’. So, Good Friday or Holy Friday is the same.

How is Good Friday celebrated all over the world?

There are many ways in which this day is celebrated all over the world.

Like in France, on this day they eat a kind of food called “Brioche du Careme”.

It’s a kind of bread filled with dried fruits and a cross on it. There might be a holiday on this day in some parts of France but not all.

In England, on this day they serve hot cross buns which is a traditional bread. Jesus was crucified on a cross and that cross on the bun symbolizes it.

On this day they also make Easter baskets and decorate them.

In the U.S.A. they serve baked ham, potatoes, and vegetables on good Friday.

They also play games called Easter egg hunt.

So, there are numerous other ways in which other countries celebrate Good Friday. The common thing is that they pray and get involved in religious activities.

Good Friday Quotes and Wishes

1) On This Holy Day, I Think Of You!
May God with his best wishes blesses You!
Have a Joyful Good Friday!

2) Our Savior Sacrificed On This Day
May you find your path and get inspired by this day
Have a wonderful Good Friday!

3) May This Good Friday Brings Luck and prosperity to you
Have a cheerful Good Friday!

4) May on this Good Friday Your Life gets Fulfilled with Goodness

5) May Jesus listen to all your prayers this day
May you have a blissful Good Friday!

6) Jesus was wounded for our sins
He was stabbed for our wickedness
With his greatness, we are healed.
Have a Blessed Good Friday!

7) The credible meaning of Easter may we never forget

While being on the cross, on his mind I was there.

8) On this Holy Day,
Praying for you so that he keeps you in his mind.
Wishing you a blessed Good Friday!

Good Friday quotes for work

9) By Praying with your whole heart may you get healed. May all your worries fade away on this holy day.
Happy Good Friday!

10) Remember your friends, family, and loved ones on this holy day
Have a blissful Good Friday!

11) Pray, Fast, and go to church on this sacred day
Have a heavenly Good Friday!

12) He was pierced on this day for us always remembered matter to God
Have a fortunate Good Friday!

13) He’ll take away all your stress
And on this day may you’ll be blessed
Have a wonderful Good Friday!

14) By praying on this day may you get courage, strength, and stability for combating the problems in your life
Have a blessed Good Friday!

15) Incredible blessings are on your way
Always believe in him and Just Pray
Happy Good Friday!

16) May he showers you with his best blessings on this day! Have an ecstatic Good Friday!

17) Let us thank him today in our prayers and be blessed by his Mercy.
Have a Prosperous Good Friday!

18) May you get strength from his sacrifice on this day!
Have a fortunate Good Friday!

Best Good Friday quotes and wishes

19) He has saved us on this day and will do time and time again. Just have faith in him.
Wishing you a blessed Good Friday!

20) Pray and perform religious and good deeds on this Good Friday.
Wishing you a warm Good Friday!

21) May by his grace you stay happy, healthy, and fine. Wishing you a lovely Good Friday!

22) The sin was ours But pierced he was. May you get Enlightenment on this day. Have a blissful Good Friday!

23) See the cross and get the strength to keep going.
Wishing you a wonderful Good Friday!

24) May you get success in All your good deeds
On this auspicious day, the Bible one should read.
Have a Happy Good Friday!

25) May the light from his grace lights your path and may you see the right.
Wishing you a delighted Good Friday!

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Final Words

Good Friday is of great importance in Christianity. It is celebrated by Christians all over the world in different ways. Some countries observe this day as a national holiday and some don’t.

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