35 Short Life quotes and sayings with explanation

Short life quotes are necessary to motivate us to achieve what we want in our life. We have collected awesome quotes and sayings for you in this article.

Life is short and we all have to do so many things. For that, we need a constant source of motivation which pushes us when we are tired. Quotes and sayings by famous people who already faced this thing in their life, give us more power.

We have to keep in mind that even a constant source of motivation fades away in life. That is why we have to be inspired from within. Everything will be clear to you in this article if you read it till the end.

These short life quotes by different people with explanations will give you a whole new perspective on life. Read them and get inspired from within.


21 Short Life Quotes for students full of inspiration


1. Life is a question and how we live it is our answer. Gary Keller

Meaningful Short life quotes
Meaningful Short life quotes


See your life as a question and live your journey of life such that it becomes the best answer to that question.

2. Short life with huge respect is much better than a normal long life without respect.

Life Quotes for insta bio
Life Quotes for bio


Try to live that kind of life which gives you huge respect and popularity. So that people will remember you even after your death. Most people nowadays live life in a comfort zone and even die in it.

But these peoples’ names remembered by no one. Only their family members remember them. We have to think, what kind of life we want to live. So that we can live a life in the memories of people even in the afterlife.


3. Life is beautiful , you need to just realize it.

Life is a precious gift given to us by nature. It is already very beautiful. But we forget this thing due to some bad experiences.


4. Life can be shaped in the desired way by changing your habits.

Short life quotes in english
Short life quotes in English

We can shape our future in a better way changing our weak lifestyle into a healthier and lively one. It can be only done by replacing bad habits with good ones.

Such as if you are addicted to junk foods then try to replace them with healthier foods and fruit juices.

Short inspirational life quotes by famous people are also included.


Short life quotes and sayings

Now you will read a great collection of life quotes that will inspire and motivate you from inside.

5. Life is given to us by God to take this humanity to whole new level.

Everyone in their lives asks what we humans are doing here.

The answer is very simple. You just need to find a way in which you can help this humanity to cross the current level and reach a whole new level.


Life quotes said by famous people around the globe


6. We should never regret about our sin but should understand what wrong impact it does.

Short quotes about life
Short quotes about life

If you wasting time in regret of your sins then you will go nowhere in life. Instead, realize your mistakes and make a strong rule against them in life.


7. We have unlimited opportunities in this one life.

After one failure or breakdown, we think sometimes life is over. But in real life is on and it gives you unlimited opportunities with every sunshine. The problem is; you are not observing.


Short life quotes for status

8. If you keep scaring in life, your important decisions will be taken by others.


If you keep scaring yourself at every point of life then the important decisions of your life will be made by others.

For example

If you are scared to live alone then you will be totally dependent on your friends and family. If they are good then there is no problem but if if they are dominant then they will take all the important decisions of your life and you will be helplessly standing in the corner each and every time.

That’s why it is important to take important decisions yourself so that even if you fail, you will learn something instead of wasting time in blaming someone.


9. History is created by only crazy people who can go to any extent. The one who is wise will only write and read about it.


10. Give everyone equal status in your mind. Because it will prepare you to learn.

Short life quotes poster
Short life quotes poster

Give everyone equal status in your mind. This way you will get ready to observe and learn.

If you think of someone lower than you, you will never respect them and will also never give attention to what they are saying.

And if you think of someone higher than you, then you will consider everything out of your reach. But when you give everyone equal attention and observation then you learn every technique they are using.


11.  Life is just like playing sports ; every day we get new opportunities to rank up.

Don’t think every day will go wrong if one goes worst.

Life will give you whole new opportunities with new sunshine. And every day you have the chance to beat your older version and rank up.


12. There are several ways of moving forward, but only one way of standing still.

Motivational short life quotes in english
Motivational short life quotes in english

Stability is very necessary for life. You should learn to be calm and stable in life for making proper decisions on how to move forward in life.


This life is not less than a gift to humans

13. God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.

Always remain eager to find information about your body, diet, and suitable exercises through research.

Overall, we are responsible for making our life good by remaining healthy or worst by doing unhealthy practices.


14. Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

Today, the world is lost in finding itself. But the real desire should be to create ourselves in whatever way we want. Below we will read short life lesson quotes.


15. In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.

No matter how long you live but people will only appreciate what you have done in your life.


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Short meaningful Responsibility quotes

16. Accept responsibility for your life. Know that it is you who will get you where you want to go, no one else.

It is very much necessary to become independent and free on a mental level.

Because this will make you responsible for your life and you can take your life to the required destination you wanted.


17. The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.

The purpose of life is to be energetic and passionate about the goal. And do everything with confidence.


Don’t think about the future much

18. You can never plan the future by the past.

We always analyze and remember past experiences, but the past will not help you to plan for the future.

Instead, you should leave every baggage and properly plan for the future without any interference from any past experience.


19. Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.

Our reaction to what happens to us is very important to shape life.

If you react to a little bad situation and overthink it then you will probably be making yourself ready for the failure.

Because these things seriously not requires any attention where we waste much more than normal time.

21. Never expect something in life,.Just take actions and get ready for the failure is ultimate success.

Always be prepared for the worst scenario such as failure in your life. Just Take action and do not expect much in return.

This is a simple rule to live this life to the fullest.



The position of king is powerful indeed but it doesn’t mean that other positions are less satisfactory.



Live your life whatever you want because it will be unique. Nothing is more impressive than uniqueness.



If you want to live like a King. Take action for it. But make sure that you are also ready to live life like a pawn.

Inspirational quotes to live life to the fullest
Inspirational quotes to live life to the fullest


Those who have the courage to survive their life in the worst situations. Only they are liable to live the best life.

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Spend more on creating assets rather than buying liabilities.



How you will live your life if one day you come to know that everyone in this world got less brain than you?

Live like that.


New Short quotes on life


Never try to give anyone a position above you or below you. It is the only way by which you can experience the real power of equality.


Try to become fearless in life because once you become fearless your life will surely become limitless.


One who is intelligent will use his brain while those who are stupid will use their mouth more.


The failure we get in our life is a teacher who teaches us to get success out of it.


A true character is developed only when a man crosses thousands of hurdles.

Best short life quotes images
Best short life quotes images


History is created by only crazy people who can go to any extent. The one who is wise will only write and read about it.


You need those kinds of people in your life who can tell your mistakes on your face at the time you commit. They should be bold enough to encourage you to not repeat the same mistake in life.


A man who is wise will never believe in comparison in practical life. Because he knows that the Sun and the Moon have their own specialty and time to shine.


If you want to remove sorrow from your life then you have to understand one thing that Karma will teach lesson to everyone who done wrong with you.

Final words

Life is simple don’t make it complex in your mind. Always try to give your best in the present moment. Whether you are doing something or enjoying any moment. Just be present there.

Don’t think about the past and future much. Because whatever materials you collect will surely get vanished one day.

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